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Welcome to our Style Traveler blog

zayne and rachie

Hi, we are Zayne & Rachie who set our goals to take off to see the world~

This is a place where we collect & share amazing memories of awesome travelers. Through those exciting photos & video, we want to tell people how anyone can enjoy traveling with fun & style!

We are sure you are looking to live a life with Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment. I guess that's the reason why you landed here ;)*

We could still remember during the days doing our own business, we were pushing so hard on the business. We worked like 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for the business. Although we have a bit of money, we lost the most important thing in life – the time to spend with each other.

Our marriage went sore. We hardly have the time to talk or care for each other. Both of us could feel that our marriage was at the melting point. So we started asking ourselves, is this the life we wanted?

We don't want to continue with this no time, no freedom kind of lifestyle. We want to have the freedom in life to do the things we like.

And then we began searching for a way out.

Finally, we come across a platform which allow us to achieve both time and money freedom. From this platform, we have been to different regions of these countries for multiple times - to explore & experience their beautiful culture & lifestyle.

With both time and money, we now travel together to visit awesome & exotic places, taking on adventurous activities with yacht & helicopter rides. We spend ample time together enjoying the beautiful & stunning scenery, eating unknown food from the stall by the roadside and played with the kids at their courtyard.

Our life changes with the precious memories we have together which we can never forget.

The reason we can now travel and create such wonderful memories in our life is because we now save money traveling on amazing 4-5 star trips at wholesale prices. What makes its wonderful is that it can make us the passive income we are always looking for while traveling.

There are lots of parts in Asia we are eager to discover & we gradually increase our bucket list to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and many parts of the world!

With this platform, we travel a few times in a year & are moving towards our bucket list while enjoying passive income each month.

You might believe that travel is expensive. The fact traveling is not (If you know the right way there are also high-end trips that you can travel at affordable price!).

We would like to share this amazing platform which has created a huge impact in our life, to help you achieve your dreams too.

So you must be having these thoughts:
“Is this real?”
“Are there really such opportunity?”

This is definitely real and over hundreds of thousands travelers from all over the world are already doing it.

You have to see it to believe it.

Your dream to travel with freedom might not just be a dream afterall.

We have already fulfill our dream & we would like to share this with you.

We would like to highlight this – we’re not saying you can make money without putting any effort. We are not promoting some get rich quick scheme here either. So it‘s not for people who wants to get rich without efforts. And we believe there is no such thing as making money without effort.

So if you have the desire to:
- have more fun, freedom and fulfillment in life
- to make changes in your current life
- get back your time freedom
- travel with no money worry

Join us and we will share more with you.

You will also receive our newsletter on the updates of our blog post on traveling tips on packing, safety, health & more.

We are looking for people who are fun loving, passionate, people with a strong reason WHY - looking to change their current life for a better tomorrow.

Join us now and we will try to get back to you in 24 to 48 hours (if we are not in one of our crazy dream trip).

Remember you have to see it to believe it…

Hop on the Life Journey of Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment with us!

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