Go Red 2015 – Prevention of Women Heart Disease


Do you know 1 out of 3 women die of heart disease or stroke? The rate makes heart disease as Number 1 killer in women and more deadly than any form of cancer.

When I got to know this news, my jaw dropped. I’ve been assuming cancer was the top killer for all these moment. What make worst was most women were unaware of the symptoms of heart attack. This is definitely true because I have really no ideas what are the signs of heart attack.


6 February 2015 is National Wear Red Day. This day is specially dedicated to build the awareness of heart disease in women. Since we are approaching 6 February soon (in a few days’ time), I thought of writing this blog to share the message and at the same time learn more about heart disease.

Myth about heart disease
Like most w...

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Interesting Facts on Whisker


Came across some articles that showcase the different types and interesting facts on whisker. I find it pretty interesting so I decided to share it here so that everyone can enjoy.


As a woman, I cannot understand the feeling of beard and whisker. Every day my husband has to shave his beard and I can only see it as a amusing part. I do heard from my husband Zayne that some of the times he has to endure itchiness due to shave burn. So after looking at these interesting whiskers, joking I asked him to grow his beard so he doesn’t need go through the hassle of shaving. As usual, he rejected my “offer” and added the word “never”.. Well, even if he really agree, I will definitely ask him to get them off before it “get out of hand” haha...

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How to look thinner in taking photo


Foreword from self – “Just attended a friend wedding dinner held at Johor Bahru on Saturday night. It was a tiring trip because of the car jam at the custom.. But looking back on the wonderful dinner, friends gathering and perfect wedding couple, everything seems to be in peace with love.”

Well enough of my self-center feeling and get on to the topic of my post today. The reason I thought of writing this post because I noticed great photography tips and tricks can really makes wonder to the photo. This concept came from my friend’s lovely wedding photo, whereby the actual body size of her husband is consider on the plum side not those kind of round type) but he looks much slimmer on the wedding photo.

You may say wedding photos are mostly edited with Photosh...

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How to shrink large face pores with natural ingredients


Do you happen to have same problem like me with large face pores around the nose areas? It seems to be a rather common condition for all (no matter you are female or male). There is even worst case where some of my friends have large pores on their cheeks. The issue with large pores is they tend to trap more oil and dust, resulting to pimple or even worst, acne.

Can you image having pimple on your cheeks? I couldn’t even withstand having pimple on my forehead (where I can still cover up with fringe), moreover on the most visible area. The only way to prevent pimples or acne to form, taking very good care to your skin is very much important. You have to do frequent thorough cleanup on your face and reduce makeup that can clog the pores...

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10 Nail Hacks that can change you completely


Manicure can sometime be a pain to the body (ha don’t get me wrong). Because I am not the type that can sit still for hours to get my nails done. I would want it to be done in quickest time with the most outstanding colors or looks.

Whenever I walked pass the salon and saw the ladies enjoying getting their nails designed slowly, somehow I had the mixed feeling of frustration yet envious. Going to nail saloon is perfect because they have all the colors, designs and tools to make your nail pretty. They make sure your nails are smoothed and the dead skins are removed. Some of the nail artists are very skillful to get small accessories fixed on the nails. But how can they withstand sitting there and unable to move around for the past hour?

Well, the problem is on me...

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Build your Dream Wardrobe in Straight 5 Ways


Build your Dream Wardrobe in Straight 5 Ways

Like all other woman, I dream to have a wardrobe room filled with my best piece of apparel, shoes, jewelry and bags. I won’t want to open up the door of my closet, thinking which does not fit or which are those bought on impulse action. So I decided to make the nightmare decision to reorganize my wardrobe with the pain to donate away those pieces that I won’t wear anymore.


I spent my last full entire Saturday to sort my wardrobe. Start off in the morning 8am, I pulled out all my dresses and handbags first. Matched a dozen times and then decide which are those to leave. This took me a pain striking of 2 hours and I have total 10 dresses and 5 handbags to let off...

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10 Easy and Quick Hair Styles


10 Easy and Quick Hair Styles REVEALED!

What can be more worst for waking up late for work, late for appointment or do not know what type of hairstyle for today?

I hate this kind of feeling.. The sense of lost and discomfort, afraid that I might not look presentable enough.. That why I always need to get myself ready with all types of hair styling tricks to match whatever events.

Personally I love this video because this lady showed a total of 10 hair styling tricks that is easy to be done.


Can you imagine 10 easy and quick hair styles? I could probably use and reuse it (of cause with other hair styling tricks I know) and stay pretty for long period of time!!!

Do you think this tricks helps you like how it helps me? Share with us!

You can join me either

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Mens Fashion 2014


Mens Fashion 2014 – The eye candy treat!

Oh charming man! Style and trend no longer belongs to the right of women in this era of fashion. Men are really getting their hands on their fashion trends. They no longer just having jeans and polo T-shirt, tank tops and shorts, unshaved beards or messy hair. Men fashion trends now evolved to include style with tailored suits, statement shoes, cool looking hat, additional scarf, patterned pants, cool looking beards and funky hair styles.

There are more and more mens fashion blogs that show how our male friends can look stylish through the casual looks to the upcoming street style. They provide men fashion tips and guides that teaches men how to dress based on their existing features...

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My first Loom Charm Bracelet


The roaring trend of Loom Band

You might have notice that many stores are selling packets of colored rubber band or small figurine charm made from these rubber band. Or your children are chasing you to get them these bands as that is the trend among the kids and the teenager now.


They are nothing harmful or complex, just normal small elastic rubber band and manufactured in various coloring to enhance the creativity of the person who is playing with it.

Creation of Loom Band
The most interesting part of this whole trend will be the founder of this loom band trend – an US engineer father that decided to build a station to let his daughter weave the elastic bands into bracelets.

The whole toy just born so quickly and suddenly, turning this caring dad into an entrepr...

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Signs of Low Blood Circulations


Signs of Low Blood Circulations

After my 12 days vacation trip to celebrate my birthday, I was pretty exhausted. Although it supposed to be a relaxing trip, I wanted to enjoy to my fullest but my physical body seems not young enough to take on the challenge of full day shopping and eating =)

Why do I say this?

Apart from the body ache that I am suffering from, I am down with flu. From the day I touched down Singapore, the sneezing and coughing has began without any pity of me. Worst still, I have numbness feeling on my arm, back shoulder area and even up to my cheeks.


Initially I presume that it might also due to the heavy luggage that we dragged back, causing all these pains but the numbness did not goes off after a few days...

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